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My journey on the mat began 12 years ago....

After completing a variety of trainings in India, Hawaii, and England, I now share my passion for all things yoga by teaching around the world. I weave a variety of techniques and styles into my classes which I have picked up from over the years: I love to teach an energising and creative Vinyasa flow class, but I’m also all about a sweet and soothing yin. Sometimes I incorporate organic essential oils, reiki, journalling and guided visualizations to help students along their yoga journey.


I believe yoga is a powerful system which enables us to live more beautiful, meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Yoga teaches us how to live in the body, how to gently open the heart and quieten the mind. When we strengthen the connection to our true self, the outer world reflects these changes back to us. Synchronicities, the right people and incredible opportunities all appear our world, and we find ourselves living in that blissful flow state.



I travel and teach in places I feel called to. If you feel like coming to one of my yoga retreats you can join me in Croatia. I also offer customized private yoga classes and guided meditations. Contact me for more information or to connect.




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