Custom Guided Meditation

Custom Guided Meditation


In this personalised guided mediation service, you share your life vision and dreams with me and I will create a guided meditation to assist you on your journey.

The meditation may include breath work, visualisation techniques, tapping and any other tools that I feel called to share that will bring your closer to your highest vision. Each one is completely unique and tailored just for you. The meditation will be up to 30 minutes long, and it’s yours to keep and listen to as much as you like.

These meditations hold great power and can gently change your inner world to create big shifts in your outer reality.

It’s a wonderful way to transform and grow. Some popular topics include manifesting a goal, attracting love, calming the mind, and letting go.

Listening to your meditation can:

  • Provide a deeply restorative and relaxing experience

  • Plant seeds in your subconscious mind for big shifts

  • Offer powerful insight and inspiration

If you don’t have a specific idea in mind, then I can also write a special meditation just for you and let it be a surprise! This makes a wonderful gift too.

Once ordered, please email me with your chosen topic and a little bit about what you are working on, and allow up to 1-week for delivery. Thank you :)

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